The Admiral’s Admirable Career

David Robinson “The Admiral”. Born August 6th, 1965. Robinson attended Navy where he is still known as the best players to ever come from that school. The Admiral joined forces with the San Antonio Spurs in the 89-90 season where the team had previously attained a franchise low 21-61 record. The following year, David Robinson helped turn the team around in what was then the greatest turnaround in NBA history (56-26). In his 14 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs, Robinson’s career stats were 21 points, 10.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists, and 3 blocks per game. To go with his game stats, David Robinson was also a member of the 2009 Hall of Fame class, 2x NBA Champion, 10x All Star, 1x MVP, 1x Defensive Player of the Year, and 4x All NBA First Team. Robinson truly was a man amongst kids on the court.

Tak A Look At Some of Robinson’s Highlights…


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