Keep An Eye On Phoenix!

Before I even go into this post, let me explain something, I do not mean this year, or probably even next year. That aside, keep an eye on Phoenix! The Suns look to be a dangerous team in the future if they can just hold out and be patient for a little while. The team is very very young! If you take a look at their 18 man roster right now, only 6 players are above the age of 25, and 8 players are 21 or younger! There are college teams that are older than this team! With Booker leading the squad, this Suns team just needs to let their guys play and grow together. I wouldn’t be surprised to see two future all-stars on Phoenix’s starting lineup within the next few years time.

Here is the starting five the Suns should go with this season if I were the coach…

PG- Eric Bledsoe

SG- Devin Booker

SF- Josh Jackson

PF- Marquese Chriss

C- Alex Len


Let me know what your thoughts are on this!


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