Top Passers In the NBA

Passer, facilitators, dime droppers, floor general, needle threaders. The names go on and on. These guys have the best vision and finesse the game has ever seen. They make other guys on the team look good or even great.

Here is a list of my favorite passers to play the game. I have no evidence of stats to prove these, these are just guys who revolutionized the assist column for basketball.

Here we go…

1- Magic Johnson:


2- Steve Nash:


3- Jason Williams:


4- Rajon Rondo:


5- John Stockton:


6- Chris Paul:


7- Jason Kidd:


This list is in no specific order. These guys have changed the game and in my book will be the most influential passers to play the game. Please comment your thoughts and who you think should be on this list. I’m curious to hear your thoughts!


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