What Are The Lakers Gonna Do?

Remember the Lakers of old? Always a threat for winning it all. It’s been a while hasn’t it? Magic Johnson certainly thinks so. If I was the man of his stature, I would be embarrassed by the team’s results. Obviously they need to make changes, and they have…sort of. They brought in Brooke Lopez, and drafted Lonzo Ball. That’s Great! But is that enough to make the playoffs? I don’t think so. Now, they have two options. The first, they can keep drafting new players and hope they turn out. That doesn’t always work very well. It takes a lot of time and patience. Fans and players aren’t wanting to wait that long. The Other option they have is they can clear up some cap space now to land someone in free agency next year, or make some trades.

Now what does Magic have up his sleeves? He has four guys who he is not going to trade. They are Lonzo, Randle, Lopez, and Ingram. Everybody else is up for trades, and they have some decent value on the market too. Look for Magic to trade off Clarkson and Nance. If anything, they free up cap space for the next free agency go around, where they have the opportunity to go after a multitude of star talent. Paul George, Russell Westbrook, etc.

What are your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “What Are The Lakers Gonna Do?

  1. Lakers and celtics are always talking and rumouring with big names and they get nobody. Lakers should be patient and build around Lonzo. No need to sigm big names . Lakers want to build a team from scratch through draft

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  2. I think their prime target for next offseason would be LeBron James but I doubt he will be going to the Lakers unless they give him a max contract. Also, I think their second tier for ALL-Stars they are trying to get is like you said, Russel Westbrook and Paul George because they are both Southern California kids. But I think they should honestly look for other players to build around who are sleepers in the league so they don’t break the bank for the Lakers. If the Lakers were to make it they would be a low seed playing a great team like GSW.

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  3. All I can say is that I like Luke Walton as a coach and that ever since he left the Warriors to go coach the Lakers, I as a long time Warrior fan, have been worried that they are only going to get better. That might tell you something. While I’m at it, Basketballgreatness, I wish to say thank you for your deciding to follow me over at “The Attic” and without my having to bribe you too! It’s probably just as well, though, my bribery budget has been a little lean this quarter. Seriously though, thank you again for the follow. I’ll do my best to keep the laughs coming in spite of my less than flush bank account (currently short of several million dollars), but I’ll keep working on that little problem. 😀

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