We have now reached an era of NBA basketball in which I woud like to call the “Super Team” era. Why? You might ask. Well, In case you haven’t see over the past little bit, superstars are trading in their loyalty for a chance to make it big. Last season said it all with Kevin Durant leaving Oklahoma City, to take his talents to Golden State. This year, rumors of Jimmy Butler, Paul George, and now Kyrie Irving have scared GM’s across the board into pawning off these stars for well under what they “should” be worth. Let’s also not forget that “Boogie” Cousins was traded to the Pelicans to team up with Anthony Davis, Chris Paul now to the Houston Rockets with James Harden, and Gordon Hayward to the Celtics now with Isaiah Thomas. The game has changed! It’s a little disappointing, to see the unloyalty all around, but at the same time, it’s kind of exciting! What is going to happen this next season? Will Golden State lock it up in easy fashion again, or will they hit a massive road bump along the way?

Moving along, here is my prediction for the top five teams in each Conference…

Western Conference

1- Golden State Warriors- They are all around the best team in the NBA. Curry, Durant, Green, Thompson, and then the role players. They are coming off of a spectacular season winning it all, and the have not lost much of their team at all. They are comfortable playing with each other, and have had a lot more experience together than a lot of these up and coming star duos. Don’t get me wrong though, it won’t be as much of a breeze for them this year!

2- Houston Rockets- The Rockets already had a stellar run this past season, and they just got a whole lot better too. Granted, they did give up a few pieces in Beverley, and Williams, and a bunch of other bench guys. But they went and got Chris Paul! Not only that, they got a good piece in forward PJ Tucker as well. To think that they were scoring enough already. Adding Chris Paul is just going to open up the door even more for James Harden.

3- Oklahoma City Thunder- Though Westbrook carried the team as much as he possibly could last season, it just wasn’t enough. They didn’t have enough scoring power to make it past the first round of the playoffs. Now, adding another star in Paul George to the lineup, Westbrook doesn’t have to carry the entire team on his back with the scoring load. The only question is, will this team click enough in this first year of the duo to keep George and Westbrook around longer.

4- Minnesota Timberwolves- This team was already on the rise, but they just accelerated that even further with the acquisition of Jimmy Butler and Jeff Teague. These guys have both not only proved themselves to be great players, but have experience going deep into the playoffs. This team is clearly going to be the biggest turnaround as far as record goes with their upgraded roster.

5- Denver Nuggets- This is my dark horse. The Nuggets picked up a solid player in Paul Millsap to go along with their rising star Nikola Jokic. They still need some help in the backcourt, but I think they are going to find it later in the season. They have assets to trade. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see Kyrie Irving end up on their roster at some point. Mark my words though. These guys are going to be making the playoffs though.


Eastern Conference

1- Boston Celtics- They went out and got Gordon Hayward to team up with Isaiah Thomas and the gang. They are going to be a tough team to beat this year. Personally, I think that if they would have had Hayward last season, they would have taken the Eastern Conference easy.

2- Washington Wizards- The Wizards are keeping the band together. With Wall at the reigns, and Beal on his side, they are going to remain a threat in this game. The question is, can they get somebody else who will be able to push them to the next step.

3- Cleveland Caveliers- The Cavs are falling, but for now, they still have LeBron James. As long as the hold on to LeBron, they are going to keep winning games. Also, if Rose can stay healthy, he could be a good fit in Cleveland.

4- Toronto Raptors- As long as Derozan and Lowry are here, they will win games. But they will never be on top if they can’t get a better surrounding cast. They will always be this average team int he playoffs in my opinion.

5- Charlotte Hornets- The Hornets went and got Dwight Howard. That may or may not be good. I think he will fit in just nicely with this team. Kemba running the point. Batum and Williams running alongside. With Howard at the post, these guys are gonna be tough!


This is my prediction going into next season. Things are always bound to change. Trades will be made that can swing all of this out of line. Let me know what you think and if you believe I made a mistake on here! Comment are welcome!


43 thoughts on “NBA SUPER TEAMS

  1. Now players have to find a way to compete which brings this concept of super teams. Really Lebron started it and now it is just being taken to another level with the NBA’s ability to pay these players all this money.

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      1. Well the league is expanding into a global market and they have a new TV deal where they are profiting from. It seems like the NBA is bring in more money then they ever have before and players are a large reason why.

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    1. I wouldn’t say that LeBron started it because he was responding to the Boston Big 3. Even before that, we had Barkley, Olajuwon, and Drexler in Houston. Way before that, we had Wilt, Elgin, and West in LA. Super teams have always existed, but players have finally learned how much power they have over their fates.

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  2. Love the post! I agree that the Nuggets will make a big jump, Jokic is one of my favorite players in the game today, Millsap is underrated, and Gary Harris is coming off a breakout year. However, I do have to disagree with your teams for the East. I don’t see how the Bucks with Giannis aren’t at least in the top 5 if not the top 3.

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    1. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Bucks and the Greek Freak is fun to watch, but that team will alwasy be an injury filled team. With Middleton and Parker coming off major injuries, I just don’t think they have the man power to help out Giannis.

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      1. Not only that, but Milwaukee has a sad history of both not attracting free agents and losing star players. We traded Ray Allen. We traded draft rights to Dirk. Kareem demanded a trade to LA. Hopefully we can carve out a better future, but the past isnt very positive.

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  3. Yeah true but talking about KD va Lebron joining forces , Lebron joined a team with bosh , so it’s 3 franchise players on one team compared to KD joined a team that was already build through the draft.

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  4. you are crazy to put cars three? with Lebrun alone they (any team he plays with) will always make the nba finals. Cavs are 1 followed by Boston wizards and then Charlotte. Raptors will have a tough year this season in my humble opinion.

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    1. The Cavs are good, don’t get me wrong. The difference is, while they are starting to fall apart a little bit, the Wizards and Celtics are getting better. I might be wrong about the Wizards at second, but no doubt I stand by the Celtics at first in the east.


      1. I definitely think the Celtics are gonna be a problem this year but my question is still who can they depend on in crunch time? Kyrie might be unhappy but he’s on the team still and if they trade him I def think since cavs are in driving seat they won’t lose in a trade for his talents.

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  5. Like GSW and Boston Celtics, they really take a risk to surely win the competition but we cannot determine because each team has a lot of high potential players. It is gonna be an awesome game for each team!

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  6. I agree that there is super teams becoming in the NBA. But I think for the Eastern Conference will be Cavs, Raptors, Celtics, Wizards, and then Charlotte. The eastern conference isn’t as stacked as the west but the cavs still have one of if not the best player in the league, then the Raptors have Demar DeRozen and Kyle Lowry, and then the Celtics have Kyrie and Gordan Hayward.


  7. Super teams I don’t mind. A lot about a players legacy is based rings. A lot but not all. My thing is just because you put a bunch of superstars on one teams doesn’t mean it will work. You have a different kind of ego when it comes to superstars. They want the ball and they want to be the man! The great things about the Warriors is there superstars are unselfish which makes for great basketball. Will see how this NBA season pans out! Great post!


  8. Just keep in mind that nothing means anything until closer to playoffs. These super teams have vets that know the process and quite frankly are bored in these first couple of months. It’s a sad excuse but it is reality. These young teams are taking advantage of it early on, but once the young talent starts to drop over the course of 82 games and then the post season, the true teams will overcome that and be ready. Great post for the present tho!


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